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'This Is Me'

[verse 1]
So much to say now I'm on my own
I used to take things for granted
Words people said always haunting me I
Took them for truths - couldn't stand it
But now I'm standing here whole
No longer broken I'm free

Lord, if you take it away
Tell me what will You say
Am I everything
All that I should be

Am I saying too much?
Will they love me enough?
No longer blind I can see
This is me

[verse 2]
What do you see when you're standing there?
Just you in the mirror
There were clouds that surrounded me
Now I see these things so much clearer
My insecurities fall
No longer broken I'm free


I went on for so long
And I changed on my own
I just want you to know

Things are perfect it seems
It feels so good to believe
This is me


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