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'Studda' (feat. Arizona Ronn & Majahz)


Guess who’s back??
Mac Demy! Arizona Ronn! Majahz!

I thought I told you so
You should have let him go
But you weren't listening
And now you're stuttering

[verse 1]
St-st-stutter - shorty why you lie?
I can see the fakeness and the fear in your eyes
Harlem where I play and we all parlay
Dude is a lame let him dash like Dame
(homie whisper game all deep in your brain)
He’s nothing but a loser – verbal abuser
Treat shorty right or she rollin’ with me
‘R’ double ‘N’ satisfy her needs

Seems like we've been here before
You know what he has in store
Thought you could take it no more
W-why you cryin’?
You thought that he couldn't change
Why are you acting so strange?
He told you, you were the one
B-but he's lyin’


[verse 2]
I thought I told you – that dude you with is
(really-really-really whack)
Should of turned and walked away when you heard all that silly rap
Horrible impression
He ain’t even have a job to his name way before this recession
Big time loser with no type of luck
Last chick left him cause he Chris Brown’d Rhianna up
You should of listened to Mac
He telling you the truth – putting you on to the fact
He’s not your equal – leaving you at home – Friday night
While he out rollin’ hard with his people
Duke is a clown – you having dark nights
He coming home drunk starting up little fights
Next time you see him – leave him on the spot
Don’t give him no reason – tell him “kick rocks”
And if you see him on the street and he tryin’ to be a hater
Tell him “fall back son, don’t make me call Majahzs!”


I thought I t-t-told you so
You should have l-l-let him go
But didn't listen to me
And look at you now!
I know you g-g-gotta go
Why you don't listen I don't know
You’re not s-stupid that's for sure
So whatchu doin’?

1st time and you're mad at your man
You call it quits, that's it, but you're at it again
2 times let him go but what do we find?
Take him back what's up with that?
You change your mind
3 times outta your mind and girl you're crazy
Whachu-whachu on crack? And you're man is lazy
Now you're blind all the time and your memory's hazy
So you treat him like a king - ride a Duke like Daisy - crazy!


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