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'Right Now' (feat. Corleone)


MD: Yo Corleone
C: What's up, Demy?
MD: You ready?
C: Yeah. Let's do it.
MD: Let's go! FTP, baby. Right now.

Right now
She's coming near to me
She's feeling me

Right now
I hope she doesn't go
Feel the flow

Right now
She's sitting next to me
She's testing me

Right now
I hope this never ends
Can we begin?

[verse 1]
I'll let her know that she looks so fine
She's close to me - take it slow all night
The girl has got a body with a heart and soul

MD: Oh yes you do
C: Oh yeah she does

And when she comes and talks to me I don't ever wanna let her go
And this is how it goes...

Corleone on the track with Mac it's like that
Demy got the remedy for what ills ya, fills ya
Magical thrills for you and your girlfriends
Get on over here young thing let's be friends
Don't walk away let's pause and reset
He's the one for you, don't you see that?
Demy on the scene like Seacrest
Girl he'll be that and he'll be in your dreams this evening

[verse 2]
Here we are - this never felt so right
She's gotta go home with me tonight

I love her style - I love the way she flows
I'm catching feelings for - I really do adore
That smile, it glows


No fronting. You looking for me?
Our connection is something. Don't you agree?
If not I'ma help you to see - I'ma help you to be
The best you, you can possibly be
We can slow down or speed it up
Your call, but I see you heating up
So give me an answer
Give me your hands for life and all of that brings
One day I can buy you a ring, but right now let me buy you a drink
Take you home and make you scream out loud


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