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'My Sympathy' (feat. Lauren Rees)


Let me tell ya story bout 2 different stances
Just a regular guy who took his girl for granted
Never knew what he got til what he got - it was gone
What a shame when he came back she had moved on
Now here's where the repeat story gets twisted
When this dude came back for a chance but he missed it
So he kissed it goodbye, yeah that dude was me
Do what I gotta do to get some sympathy - Rees

Im not surprised you let me believe
All the things I wanted to see
Every night, Id dream of you
While you were getting over me.

Well did you expect me to wait?
On a thin thread aching to break
Finally gave up on you
And now youre telling me
Youre back to stay

[verse 1]
Your heart bleeds
Now, we agree
That, Im so miss-able
But you wont get my sympathy
You stand there, saying you care
But remember this is just your cross to bear

A long time, I spent in line
With so much love for you
A drug called you ****ed up my mind
I was blind I was bound tight
Now free, and suddenly youre right for me?
Well, I disagree


[verse 2]
I was fooled - You were a ruse
I was gullible, but now Im keen on how you do
Just think back, we were on track
For about a minute, but I blinked you turned your back

Now just go
Do you not know?
The Hell you put me through?
You tore me up I learned to sew
I was blind I was bound tight
Now free, and suddenly youre right for me?
Well, I disagree

[chorus] x 2

Look -
How many miles do I have to cover
For all the times I made you suffer
I said I'm sorry and I know I don't Stutter
You and me together is like bread and butter
I'm trying hard to make you see
I'm afflicted with agony
Trying to make you hear my plea
Look at me - I'm on my knees
Girl, have some sympathy
Giving up my dignity
Just so you'll come back to me
(just so you'll come back to me)


This is sad
All you had
But you know youre never ever gonna get back

Dont feel sorry for yourself
Dont feel sorry for yourself
Cause I know I dont

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