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'Maybe I'


Mac Demy
Maybe we shouldn't be together, but that doesn't make it easy
And now that it’s over, I can’t believe you’re gone


Maybe I will find myself deep inside of someone else
Maybe I will never know feelings that I thought were gone

Maybe I will find my way looking for another day
Maybe I will be alone
Maybe you will come back home again

[verse 1]

Girl I can’t forget what you said
Those words ring on in my head
And I just want you to know - I didn't want to let you go

I know that you had to leave
Maybe we're not meant to be
I tried so hard to believe - My pride is killing me!

Don't want to love you just like I used to
Don't want to find another girl like you


[verse 2]

Why you wanna leave ma?
I think about it - times you wouldn't let me breath ma
Won't allow it - all the lying and deceit ma
Can't imagine all the things you said to me ma

It's over now and so you gotta let her go bro

That's what the fellas say
You're better off without her bro - then in misery
You haven't been the same bro – kind of strange
Since you met her things have changed bro

It's over now so did you miss me when you left girl?

That's what I'm asking you - the diamond in my chest girl
Does it shine for you?
I loved you with the best girl - can't get through to you
You put me through the test girl - what'd I do to you?

[bridge / break]

Do to you…
Do to you…
Do to you...
Do to you…


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