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'Gimme The Mic' (feat. Lauren Rees)

Gimme the mic I'm gonna bite ya
Gonna bite ya
Gonna bite ya

[rap] x 2

(MD) Girl you know I'm wit it
Come and get it, let me hit it
If you want it you can have it
Watch me do it like that

(L) Boy you know I got it
If you want it come and get it
If you wit it, let you hit it
We can do it like that

[verse 1]
Met this girl from around the way
And I bet that she's gonna stay
She knows I need her
I got the fever
Look at her, so fine
She's stuck in my mind
She's got me hypnotized
Who's going to break the ice?
I know she's looking tight
But so am I tonight

(L) So here we go!

If she'd only talk to me
Then we'd see what we gonna be
She got back with the rhythm on
She don't stop til the end of the song
She plays a dangerous game
The kind that'll drive you insane
It's going to stay the same
If you don't ask my name

(L) No- No- No- No!

[chorus] x 4

[rap] x 2

[verse 2]
Caught his eye from across the floor and I can tell that hes wanting some more
I know hes fiending and Im believing
All heavy breathing Right then in season
Why dont you come over here?
Your eyes are making it clear
Baby Im playing your game I hope you practiced your aim
And you should take my advice
Not cool with asking you twice
You can get to me if youre nice, though you do know how to entice
OK lets start this again
If youre good you can see how I bend
On the floor not trying to say that Im good, but I got what you crave

MD: I got you checking me from way over there
L: I don't care
Why don't you come over and stop acting scared
MD: I ain't scared
Better get up on it girl you're missing your chance
L: That's not true
Stop frontin' boy you know it's all up on you
MD: That's not true
L: You want me?
MD: I want you so...ight

[chorus] x 4

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