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'Club Song'


Intro in 321匞O

Party like it抯 my last time in the club
Party like it抯 my last time in the club
Party like it抯 my last time in the club
Party like it抯 my last time卪y last time

[verse 1]
I抦a party tonight like never before
Out the shower, the closet, open the door
You know the clothes on my back are top of the line
When I hit the club tonight you know the dance floor抯 mine
Best get back here抯 comes Mac
Last night in the club, but don抰 call me 揚lax
Because I, I, I wanna party all nigh, igh, ight
So you over there with the long hair
Come over here stop with the long stare
We can do things that you never did in the club
Freak 杋sh, in the dark, that you gonna love
And I don抰 want to make it home tonight
Better mix my drinks right cause I抦 spending every dime


[verse 2]
Roll in the club with ten models
Drunk at the bar with ten bottles
And watch them broads, drop them drawers
Party ain抰 stopping 憈il the cops get called
Mac to the D-E-M and Y
You ain抰 partying? Step to the side
And let me get my drunk on
Let me get my rub on
Bend down, throw it back show Mac where your junk is at
You抯 a 10, waist down so don抰 even turn around
My fellas where y抋ll at? (Heyyyy)
Ladies where y抋ll at? (Aooow)
Spead the word around: We gonna shut this club down!


[bridge] x3
Rock side to side
Right to your left
Let me see you clap your hands
Right over your head
(clap, clap)


Let抯 get together now

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