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'Be With Me'


Girl: Mac Demy, it’s crazy!
MD: You know what this is right?
Girl: So sexy – let’s go
MD: Let’s go

I see you walking by - arms on another guy
Find myself wishing - won’t you be with me?

Girl I can't help but stare - my eyes are everywhere
All over you - so won't you be with me?

[verse 1]
Your eyes are staring - throwing glances at my way
Your lips are talking - I think they want to come and play
I want your body - I'll make it worth it, come with me
How can I make you? Won't you be with me?

Dancing you look so exotic
Looking for fun and I brought it
Your man's gotta go and I got this
Game is for two and he's not itLet’s get together now…


I want you - I need you
To feel you, and breathe you
So sexy it's crazy
Your body's amazing


[verse 2]
I see you watching - acting up in front of me
Getting closer - hard to find but I can see
You gotta a man with you, but he won't let you off his sleeve
Just lose him baby - won't you be with me?

Drip-drop your man it's confusing
All bet's on us it's a ‘shu-win’
The way you ‘shake shake shake’ when your moving
It should be me that you're choosing


I want you - I need you
To feel you, and breathe you
So sexy it's crazy
Your body's amazing

One day I was walking up and down the street
Saw a dime piece girl with that ass I'd like to meet
Nodded up to her and I said “hello”
She said I had her at the nod and she's ready to go

This girl I was feeling, she was one of a kind
5'5" with Brown eyes and got it like City High
Messing with my senses, playing on temptation
You can call it Chicago, she's my inspiration

Then we started talking and she mentioned a man
So I quoted T.I. "Try to lose him if you can"
Feeling the flow - the vibe was easy to see
Girl what I gotta do to make you be with me?
Let’s Go!


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