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'Keep On Dreaming'

[verse 1]
In the middle of the night I wake and you're not there
What in the world did I do?
Our situation - you're telling me I don't care
I'm telling you that I do

Late at night when the sun goes down
I lie awake - I just can't believe it
Sometimes I wish that I could change my ways
Until that day I just keep on dreaming

[verse 2]
You made it clear it's my career or you
I can't believe you're making me choose
I'm holding on to what we could be
You're holding on to what we could lose

Our conversations going round and round (round and round)
You won't believe I'm telling the truth
You say I'll never fall in love
Even though I'm falling for you


Is this the end of the road?
Oh I donít know, but I know I donít want to say goodbye
Youíre not letting me grow
Itís time for me to fly


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