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'Get Up On The Floor'

[verse 1]
She feeling special and shes lucky cause I feel the same
I got a table, couple bottles, baby whats your name?
Forget the models all around me girl - you look the same
If you freaky maybe later we can do that thing

I know you like to drink so dont be shy and grab a cup
Cause if you with me then you with me girl its bottoms up
Double entendre - I like the way you strut your stuff

You and me (get up on the floor)
Looking at you so differently (get up on the floor)
It ain't really that hard to see (get up on the floor)
We be like harmony (come on now)

You and me (get up on the floor)
More than just a fantasy (get up on the floor)
Double o, y so fly to see (get up on the floor)
We got that harmony (come on yall)

[verse 2]
Tonight let's catch some feelings we can start with me and you
I think you're sexy and you told your friends that I was cute
Let's start it in the club before we make the night commute
Let's take a polaroid and shake it in our birthday suits

Let's live the night, then go to heaven I can take you there
A life so amazing, have your friends saying it isn't fair
So act a fool it's OK we're just young and we don't care


Girl you're looking crazy
I love it - call me baby
I'ma spit to the baddest girl
Dip with the baddest girl
get with the baddest girl (Jay Z)

Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum
Never gonna stop it when I hear that bump
On the dance floor baby come and get it let's crump (crump)
Get up on the floor - move your feet let's jump (jump)

Jump, jump - on the floor
Watch you move your feet and then we take it to the door
Put your arms in the air do we care no we don't
And we don't give a damn like it's our last night in the club

Get up on the floor we got the good time
with the Arizona Ronn - the bank is all dimes
Aint nobody got a body like mines - she so fine
And her body getting better with time - wine
Get it?


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