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'All About The Music'

Lately I've been listening to the radio
Trying to do what I've been told
It's all about the music

Baby, let's fall in love in stereo
We can make a song our own
It's all about the music

[verse 1]
Looking for a perfect world
I found it in the melodies
Written in the harmonies

I've been watching you for a while
The way the sun shines on your skin
And your beautiful smile

It's playing in our heads everywhere we go
Even though we never make a sound

When we let the song flow - let it go
Heaven knows love is all around


[verse 2]
Staring at you puts me in a daze
You don't seem to realize
Girl you got me hypnotized

Everytime I hear you speak
Perfect from your tone to the beat
Everything that's in between

Feel it turn the music on - favorite song
I'm alone - completely come undone
Open up my heart and let the music in
Life begins - just the way it is


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